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American Indian Film Festival® 41


The 41st Annual American Indian Film Festival will be presented November 4 - 11 in San Francisco, and will conclude Friday, November 11 with its annual American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show (AIMPAS) and will be broadcasted in selected cities. 

As the nation’s oldest and most prestigious venue for American Indian film arts and entertainment, the American Indian Film Festival is the world’s longest-running exposition showcasing independent films of U.S. American Indians and First Nations peoples of Canada. For the last 40 years, AIFI has served and celebrated generations of Indian filmmakers, performing artists and audiences, with the best of the most current Indian Cinema while drawing into the circle of Hollywood celebrities, industry professionals, student filmmakers, seasoned festival-goers and newcomers traveling to San Francisco from near and far.

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Photo Courtesy of Seattle Times

Photo Courtesy of Seattle Times

AIFI Tribal Touring PRogram

There’s trouble on the set of “Alien Boy and Talking Dog.” The dollar-store duct tape won’t hold and the empty spray-painted boxes and gauges that serve as the spaceship interior keep falling down. Jesse Walton, 11, the main character — whose idea it was for the four-minute sci-fi film — gets into costume.

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Photo Courtesy of M. Zavala

Photo Courtesy of M. Zavala

7 Events worth experiencing

The depth and breadth of talents in Indian country will keep you entertained all year long, and inspired for the rest of your life. Here are seven must-experience events. 

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