Awards Night

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Thursday, November 8 Doors Open at 6 pm, Show begins @ 7 pm

Brick & Mortar Music Hall: 1710 Mission St. San Francisco


Award Recognition Night: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, Best Live Short, Best Animation and Best Music Video - See Nominees

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Jackie Keliiaa

Jackie is an Ivy League grad serving up intellectual humor from an Urban Native perspective. Jackie's comedy is smart and handy - you didn't know you needed it. She’s opened for Nikki Glazer and was featured on the first-ever Native American Comedy TV show on PBS. She's a regular at Bay Area venues performing at Punchline SF, Comedy Oakland, and Tommy T's. Jackie loves alpacas and smashing the patriarchy - it's all in a days work! 



Thunderbirds Raised Her

This extraordinary vocal group is comprised of three sisters—Billie Lynn Kennedy-Jefferson, Danielle Kili Kennedy-Jefferson and Katherine Val Renee Kennedy-Jefferson. The girls proudly represent two Native American nations: Coastal Salish from The Lummi Nation on the West Coast of Washington State on their father’s side, and on their mother’s side they are Assiniboine from the Carry The Kettle First Nations in Saskatchewan, Canada. The girl’s interest in writing songs began at an exceptionally early age. The music they wrote was always garnered from their own life experiences and from being keen observers of the world around them. Most recently, the girls were inspired to write a song entitled, “What About Those Promises” after participating in the historical play with the same name. The lyrics of the song share the history of the 1855 signing of the Point Elliott Treaty with Governor Stevens and all of the painful hardships and losses their people endured afterward. “What About Those Promises” has gone on to win the singing group national attention and acclaim.



Classic Roots

Classic Roots brings the sexy heartbeat of the boreal north to life with his unique brand of Electronica and pow wow techno. The Thunder Bay native is an award winning producer and DJ who is impacting the music community with his fresh sound and meaningful collaborations with diverse artists.

Drawing inspiration from his life and culture, Classic Roots established his original sound by integrating First Nations songs with Electronica music. He navigates the unique sound of techno/house music while dancing to the beat of traditional Anishinaabe sounds, establishing a sense of cultural freedom that echoes throughout the electronic music scene. With inspirations such as Gina Turner, Daft Punk and “Justice” French Producer, Classic Roots has been able to develop his sound, which he has perfected through the use of a drum machine and the music software Reason 9.