Program 2: Friday, November 9th @ 12 noon

Brava Theater • 2781 24th St. San Francisco (@ York St.)

RavenGoesFishing-1 copy.jpg

Raven Goes Fishing

Director: Daniel Forman • 2017 Canada Animation • 9m 26s • World Premiere 

All Raven wants to do is get something to eat, he is very hungry after flying over the ocean to the Big Island. In this exciting story, Raven meets new animal friends who try to teach him how to fish but he may have met his match when he tries to steal salmon from the Great Golden Grizzly Bear.

Nominated: Best Animation

Director Daniel Foreman and Producer Sharlene Millang will be in attendance


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Shell No

Director: Tracy Rector • 2018 US Music Video  • 6m 51s • San Francisco Premiere

Rooted in a collage of images interwoven with music by the Tlingit band Khu.éex’, Shell No is a spoken word piece created to unify all peoples in defense of the land, water and future generations.

Director Tracy Rector and Preston SIngletary will be in attendance


Photo 4 20180504-My_Movie_14_1.jpg

I Tsuwa Sa Stsmàlt (Belongs to the Youth)

Director: Joey Arseneau • 2018 Canada Documentary Short 15 m • World Premiere 

Midnight RV productions create its first film I Tsuwa Sa I Stsmalt. The goal of the film was to showcase how ecotourism operators, particularly a Heli-Ski operation, can build positive relations with the First Nation people who oversee the traditional territory. While at the same time, creating opportunity and breaking boundaries down for the youth in the area and other First Nation communities. We all play outside, it's time we start making moves toward rebuilding relationships.

Director Joey Arseneau, Producer Christopher Britt, Art Director Joey Bidner will be in attendance


Photo 2 Sacred_By_Nature_3.jpg

Sacred By Nature

Director: Trevor Solway • 2018 Canada Documentary Short • 8m 52s • World Premiere 

The Blackfoot people attempt to revitalize a seemingly forgotten ceremony their ancestors once practiced.


theGuide-3 copy.jpg

The Guide

Director: Yi Xie • 2018 Canada Live Short  • 10m 24s • World Premiere

The Guide tells the story of Danny, a young Mohawk man struggling to adjust to a life threatening condition that forces to him make strict food and lifestyle choices. But Danny just wants to be normal and refuses to listen to the warnings of his doctor, loved ones, and a spiritual visitor in his dreams. Will his rebellious state of mind blind him to the wisdom his culture is offering and the love of woman who has his best interest at heart? Danny has less time than he thinks to realize what is important and make the changes he needs to survive.

Cast: Andrew Martin, Kristen Martin

Producer, Carla Robinson will be in attendance


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Student Initiative for Reservation Veterinary Services (SIRVS)

Director: Phil Ladisa • 2018 US Public Service • 3m 30s • North American Premiere 

A University of Minnesota Vet Student Organization that provides No Cost Vet Care to the Tribal Communities of Minnesota.

Mille Lac Tribal Representative, Monte Fronk and SIRVS Advisor Larissa Minicucci will be in attendance


KumeyaayCulture copy.jpg

Kumeyaay Culture

Director: Viejas Youth • 2018 US Documentary Short • 3m 48s • North American Premiere

A look into the culture of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians through the eyes of our youth.



Red Hand

Director: Rod Pocowatchit  • 2018 US Feature • 1hr 19m 

A man with the power to heal time-travels from the future to rescue a tech genius who is pivotal in saving the Native American race.

Cast: Rodrick Pocowatchit, Bryon Burkhead, Randall Aviks, Delno Ebie, Brett Patrik

Nominated: Best Actor

Director/Actor Rod Pocowatchit will be in attendance



Tvshka Nowvt Aya (Warriors Journey)

Director: Mark D. Williams  • US Documentary Feature • 1hr 15m 

A documentary about the Choctaw Nation stickball team known as Tvhska Homma (Red Warrior) and their journey to compete in the 2018 World Series of Stickball and the importance of this traditional game to their cultural identity.

Director Mark D. Williams will be in attendance