Program 3: Friday, November 9th @ 7pm

Brava Theater • 2781 24th St. San Francisco (@ York St.)

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To The Sky by Blue Flamez

Director: LaRonn Katchia, Isaac Trimble • 2018 US Music Video • 4m 32s • San Francisco Premiere

Native Hip Hop Artist From Warm Springs Oregon Scott Kalama aka Blue Flamez and Team Kaos aka Levi Kalama, YL aka Andy Fuentes, and Yamio 263 aka Kevin Winkle created a post apocalyptic type music video with "To the Sky" Directed by LaRonn Katchia and Isaac Trimble. To the sky from the album “Rez Star“ represents the fight against environmental pollution and the need to protect mother earth.

Nominated: Best Music Video

Producer Scott Kalama will be in attendance


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Tales from the Rez

Director: Telly James • 2018 Canada Live Short • 11m 23s • World Premiere

A widowed Indigenous man is offered a second chance to be reunited with his deceased wife but at the cost of his soul.

Cast: Wacey Little Light, Shayla Stonechild


cornhusk copy.jpg


Director: Jaiden Mitchell • 2018 Canada Live Short • 12m 20s • North American Premiere

A Native American family moves back to the reservation and recovers a doll buried on church grounds. Soon after strange demonic things start happening as the family discovers that the doll is from the Residential School era exposing all the horrors that the voiceless Native children have experienced.

Cast: Joryan Adams, Jaiden Mitchell, Chanel Thompson, Chanel Thompson, Don J White

Director Jaiden Mitchell will be in attendance


Nisowak-1 copy.jpg


Director: Petie Chalifoux • 2018 Canada Live Short • 36m 20s • World Premiere

Nîsowak is a action packed, graphic novel style, drama led by a strong and young Indigenous woman named Mêkwan. After the sudden and mysterious death of her father, the ancient power of shape shifting is transferred to Mêkwan, a power she must learnt to control in order to save her bloodline from “The Whip Man” a hunter whose ultimate goal is to eliminate her kind. New to shape shifting Mekwan must choose - Fight or Flight!

Cast: Ashley Nichols, Stan Isaore, Shawn Beaver-Hawman

Director Petie Chalifoux will be in attendance



More Than A Word

Directors: Kenn Little, John Little • 2017 US Documentary Feature • 1h 5m • San Francisco Premiere

More Than A Word analyzes the Washington football team and their use of the derogatory term R*dskins. Using interviews from both those in favor of changing the name and those against, More Than A Word presents a deeper analysis of the many issues surrounding the Washington team name. More Than A Word also examines the history of Native American mascots and cultural appropriation.

Nominated: Best Documentary Feature

Directors Kenn Little and John Little will be in attendance