Know Your Culture 2.jpeg

Know Your Culture Keep it Traditional 2

Directed by NCIDC Students
30 s, Public Service, USA

Short educational PSA to warn against the dangers of commerce tobacco/vaping use.



Director: Eve Ringuette
8 m, Live Short, Canada

Nominated: Best Live Short

In 1829, while portaging, a young man abandons his kukum (grandmother). Years later, him and his son are camping by the haunted spot where she was abandoned.

Red Power.jpeg

Red Power

Director: Esteban Manuel
4 m, Live Short, Canada

Indigenous man on the run from the KKK.


The Party's Downstairs

Director: Mike J. Marin
28 m, Live Short, USA

An employee working late in an old building feels he may not be alone after receiving a mysterious package from an unknown source

NightCrawler copy.jpg


Director: Joshua C. Manyheads
14 m, Live Short, USA

A band of scavenging misfits seek a perpetual eden. What they find gives them more then they bargained for.



Director: Jennifer Varenchik
7 m, Live Short, USA

Two roommates disagree about watching a ghost hunting reality show that filmed on their reservation.


Zombies and Indians

Director: Keith Lawrence

12 m, Live Short, Canada

Nominated: Best Live Short

Presented through the Indigenous lens, enter a world destroyed by a zombie apocalypse, where two men, Kirt (Derek Miller) and Will (Howie Miller) stand watch at the barricades surrounding the Rez. Both fighting to keep sane amongst the horrors of flesh starved zombies and haunting visions of a new impending threat that lies beyond death.

Edge Of the Knife.jpeg

SGaawaay K'uuna (Edge of The Knife)

Directors: Gwaai Edenshaw & Helen Haig-Brown
1 hr 40 m, Feature, Canada

Nominated: Best Film, Best Director (Gwaai Edenshaw & Helen Haig-Brown); Best Actor (Tyler York); Best Supporting Actor (William Russ).

Haida Gwaii, 1800’s. At a seasonal fishing camp two families endure conflict between the nobleman Adiits’ii and his best friend Kwa. After Adiits’ii causes the accidental death of Kwa’s son, he flees into the rainforest, descending into madness and transforming into Gaagiixid – “the Wildman.” When the families return in the spring, they discover Adiits’ii has survived the winter. Can he be rescued and returned to his humanity? Meanwhile, Kwa wrestles with his deepest desire – revenge.