AIFF41 • Defending Our Way of Life Through Film

Having now entered our fOURTH decade as the world's longest-running exposition of indigenous film, AIFI seeks your support, partnership and participation to consolidate and build upon the successes of over 40 years of programming and presentation

By engaging the public in diverse and excellent Native media arts, we claim a place for Indian film and filmmakers in the broader cinema culture and provide opportunities to replace cinema's most damaging racial stereotypes with authentic representations and masterful storytelling.  The American Indian Film Festival®, along with our American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show, outreach programming and broadcast partnerships, move Indian media into the public arts forum and conversation.  Our work creates openings for Indian and non-Indian audiences; for Native filmmakers working inside and outside of the entertainment industry; for rural tribal communities who are struggling to bridge the digital divide; and for Indian youth who will one day become the stewards of our history and the creators of the next chapters of our collective stories.

By expanding the impact of our work outside the Bay Area, particularly by presenting work across multiple platforms, we broaden opportunities beyond our home base.  While we derive strength from our roots in the Bay Area, Native American stories stretch across the entire country.  Varied exhibition and distribution platforms increase exposure of Indian work among demographically diverse audiences, raise the profile of our artists and increase their work options, and unify Indian communities around the shared experience of being the country's First Peoples. 

For all that we have achieved in 40 years, the key to providing our film showcase is the forward progressive sponsors and leaders at tribal nations and corporate boardrooms.

We will be honored to receive your consideration and support of the 42nd annual American Indian Film Festival®® and to continually infuse ourselves into the narratives that shape the perspective of generations to come, one story at a time.

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