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2012 Tribal Touring Program, Lummi Nation

Tribal Touring Program 2018

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AIFI TRIBAL TOURING PROGRAM, established in 2001, represents a strategic intervention into the lives of at-risk, often hard-to-reach Native youth. The program uses technology to attract youth (ages 13-20) to a sequential program that introduces them to media-making tools, gives them the experience of making films related to their own lives, and prepares them for work-career options in the media industry. Each summer the program takes professional filmmakers, digital video equipment, and a traveling film festival to rural areas, with an emphasis on reservations and rancherias that offer Native youth limited employment opportunities. Youth participants produce short, broadcast-quality HD-DV films that arescreened for their tribal community; and then included in a special program at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco.

The program is offered three to five times each summer, in partnership with Tribal Host- Partners. Across 17 years, TTP has traveled to over 50 reservations and rancherias, employed over 250 Indian filmmaker instructors (6 per site), provided training workshops to over 1000 participants, and screened films for a combined. audience of over 16,000 people. The 2016 summer tour included: Puyallup Indian Tribe, WA.

Teen-age peer-pressure, linguistic and cultural isolation, a reluctance to access services and resources, and environmental stressors place Indian youth at high risk for truancy, delinquency and gang activity. Especially for high school drop-outs and tribal youth who have developed substance abuse problems - the idea of entering the state's workforce seems remote.

American Indians making the transition to adulthood need exposure to positive role models, creative work options, vocational and educational training that will place them on an upward career trajectory, to first imagine then pursue-meaningful work that will effect positive change in their lives and the life of their community.

2015 Tribal Touring Program, Puyallup Indian Tribe

Part One: Digital Training WorkshopsThrough the workshops, Native youth learn not only basic technical skills but also work attributes needed to succeed in media-related jobs: punctuality, teamwork, creativity and problem solving.

Part Two: Community Film FestivalThe program's touring community film festival is a traveling version of the American Indian Film Festival— now in its 42nd year.

Part Three: Youth-to-Media Maker Dialogue: The Tribal Touring Program's season culminates in November 2017 with the youth-to-media maker dialogue. Reservation youth journey to San Francisco where they introduce their workshop films at a special screening (Nov. 10 ), attend the Film Festival and Awards Night (Nov. 11 ) as AIFI guests, and meet other Indian youth and industry professionals at receptions and roundtables. The Tribal Touring Program and American Indian Film Festival join together to provide a singular forum for developing a personal and professional relationship among the next generation of Indian voices in the media.

NOTE: Dates can only be reserved by placing a 50% deposit. For further information and custom budget for your tribal community.

Tribal Touring Program 2018

Summer Dates Available 



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